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Graphic Beck video: These are Syrians we’re helping, ‘we will not survive’

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An extremely graphic and disturbing video aired by Glenn Beck in June is making its way around the Internet again after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the use of military force in Syria Wednesday.

During the June segment from TheBlaze, Beck showed the sick images of a Syrian rebel cutting out, then eating, the organs of a dead member of the Syrian military and reminded that these are the people the U.S. was arming.

Beck railed against Obama and both progressive Republicans and Democrats for helping demented people who eat the “heart and liver out of their enemies,” and begged Americans to stop the “people in Washington” from intervening in Syria.

“We’ve got to stop intervening in the wars in the Middle East…if they are going to kill each other, let them kill each other. We will not survive this,” Beck said.

Fast forward to Wednesday when the Senate committee voted 10-7 to approve a military strike in Syria in response to the chemical attack by the Syrian regime last month.

Beck asked then for people to watch and share the following video. It’s being shared again as the U.S. prepares to enter another war.

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mature-content (2)Warning: Disturbing and graphic images.


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