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GOP bashing MSU professor swiftly relieved of his duties

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William S. PennThe Michigan State University professor who was recorded bashing Mitt and Ann Romney and the Republican party has been relieved of his teaching duties.

A student recorded Prof. William S. Penn making an 8-minute tirade during his creative writing course where he said “old cheap Republicans” were racists and had “raped” the country. University officials had recently been made aware of it, and “the Office of the Provost immediately began a review,” according to an email obtained by Twitchy.

“As a result, Penn’s duties have been reassigned, and he will no longer be teaching this semester,” the email continued.

The university’s email was tweeted as follows:


I can’t help but take note that the university indicated the professor “will no longer be teaching this semester.” What about the future, I wonder. So do some of those commenting on Twitchy.

One suggested Penn “spend the semester sweeping up Romney’s garage,” and another said to sent him to Detroit.

Either one works for me. Watch the full tirade here.

H/T the Twitchy Team.


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