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‘The Flag’ generates buzz; tackles mystery of missing iconic 9/11 flag

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firefighters hoist the flagThe inaugural production of CNN Films will take on the mystery of a decade — what happened to the iconic American flag that was hoisted on a beam jutting from the rubble of the 9/11 twin towers?

The film, which will air on CNN Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9:00pm, 10:30pm and 1:00am, was directed by Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein and is based upon the forthcoming book by David Friend, according to CNN.

The original American flag had been flying on a boat moored near the World Trade Center, and was removed after the attack and raised by three firemen working the scene. The image of the flag being hoisted was recorded by Thomas Franklin, a photographer for the New Jersey newspaper “The Record” and quickly became an image depicting the resolve of the nation.

CNN reported:

The flag that toured the country to reassure the nation, flew over Yankee Stadium as a patriotic rebuke to terrorism, and flew over the USS Roosevelt as the battleship carried troops to Afghanistan in response to the attacks, was represented as the same flag that was raised at Ground Zero.  It turns out the original flag disappeared shortly after it was photographed.

“This is the icon of the century, this flag,” Spiros Kopelakis. one of the original owners of the flag, says emphatically, “and it is not any excuse, from any politician, not to try to find this flag.”

Watch a preview of the documentary, which will attempt to solve the mystery of the flag.


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