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John Bolton has some critical advice for Congress

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Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton on Tuesday said Congress should vote against any strike against Syria because there’s just no upside for the U.S. in the fight.

“All in all, since I don’t see any utility to the use of military force in Syria in this context, I would vote ‘No,’” Bolton told Fox News.

johnbolton“I don’t think it is in America’s interest. I don’t think we should, in effect, take sides in the Syrian conflict — there’s very little to recommend either side to me.”

He also said Congress shouldn’t vote for the strike just to save President Obama’s credibility on foreign policy issues.

“A huge blow to America’s credibility compared to what?” he asked. “Compared to the mess the president’s already made of it?”

However, Bolton said he expects Congress to back up the president’s for support, though members might come to regret it if Obama changes his mind.

“I think the administration will win. The White House is going to do whatever it takes to get a majority,” he said. But, “Who knows what the president is going to think in two weeks?”

Bolton is no supporter of Obama, obviously, but he’s also not an advocate of disengagement with the Middle East in general. After the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi in early July,  Bolton strongly advocated continuing U.S. aid to Egypt to avoid losing what leverage the U.S. retained in the country.

Check out Bolton on video below.

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HT: National Review


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