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‘I’m just sorry if I missed’: Homeowner’s 9mm sends burglars running

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When two burglars broke into a Central Florida home last week, instead of electronics and silverware, the first thing they saw was the business-end of the owner’s 9mm handgun.

Homeowner John Davies was enjoying a quiet Wednesday morning at his Lake Mary home when his peace was abruptly interrupted, according to Fox51 WOGX.

“I heard a crash, and glass breaking, a tremendous crash,” said Davies.

He snatched his weapon and went to the sliders at the rear of the house to investigate.

“I saw two men who had just smashed the sliding glass door into a thousand pieces,” he said.

One of the men also had a gun, but before he could use it, Davies fired off two shots in their direction.

“They picked up and started speeding out the back door,” Davies said.  “Jumped over the fence and drove out here in that direction towards Main Street.”

Local police confirmed Davies was within his rights.

“He was protecting himself,” said Officer Zach Hudson. “You have two people enter you home, successfully enter that home, you have to fear for your life, and he responded appropriately.”

The homeowner admitted it was pretty scary cominbg face-to-face with two intruders.

“I’m just sorry if I missed,” said Davies, who’d been a burglary victim before.

Watch the video, courtesy of WOGX Fox51.


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