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Feminists renew push for free abortions on demand without apology

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Photo Credit – FamilyFoundation.org

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In the aftermath of Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell being found guilty of murdering three babies born alive in an abortion clinic, some Republican controlled state legislatures are taking a closer look at late term abortions.

A development that has some feminazis on the left up in arms, as indicated by an editorial in The Nation that asks “when did so many feminists get polite on abortion?”

In saying she has grown tired on supporters “tiptoeing around the issue,” author Jessica Valenti insists on taxpayer funded abortionson demand without apology.” Even going so far as to say it’s “a call for equal access to a constitutional right.”

“It’s time to resuscitate the old rallying cry for ‘free abortions on demand without apology,’” she wrote.

It’s not exactly clear what Valenti is calling for when she adds, “The anti-choice movement isn’t pulling any punches—why should we?”

In referencing the surprising success of the 2012 “war on women” campaign narrative, she avails us of the prerequisite sob story of women who had to sell diapers and formula to be able to afford their abortions, before adding:

“I understand the trepidation—we live in a country where even talking about insurance coverage for birth control erupted in a national slut-shaming extravaganza. But the cost of remaining “mainstream-friendly” is too high.

Far be it that sluts should be made to experience painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety. Of course, the solution here is to get government out of the health insurance business, but that may not be very “palatable” for Valenti.

In the end, the ruse of masquerading abortion under the cloak of “women’s health” continues, and much like the efforts by the far left to “lift up” minorities only serves to set them further back, this deception hurts women more than it helps them.

Tom Tillison


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