Teachers’ unions have a good racket going

While teachers are often forced to pay onerous dues into a union they may not care to join, teacher union executives continue to enjoy the high life.

Take the case of Patricia Frost-Brooks, who left her position as president of the Ohio Education Association a year short of her six-year contract, according to MediaTrackers.

In the five years she served, Frost-Brooks took in $998,949, money raised from the $450 in annual dues required from each teacher, whether he can afford it or not.

In its annual report, the union disclosed that its 2012 revenue was over $58 million, which not only paid Frost-Brooks’ handsome salary, but also more than $900 million in pay for the union’s other officers during the same five-year period, MediaTrackers reported.

Gov. John Kasich has so far been unsuccessful in trying to turn Ohio into a right-to-work state, according to Cleveland.com. So unless he prevails, teachers will be forced to join unions, pay dues and support the lifestyle of union officers.

And what of states where teachers are allowed to opt out of union membership? They don’t always have their voices heard, either.

Even though Colorado, like Ohio, is a union state, teachers can opt out of union membership and dues payments, but they have to do so in writing each year.

If they miss the narrow, two-week window to opt out, or if the union claims it didn’t receive the opt-out letter, surprise! You’re a union member.

Watch what happened when Colorado teacher Becky Robertson tried to exercise her opt-out right, and be prepared to have steam come out of your ears.

Happy Labor Day.


3 thoughts on “Teachers’ unions have a good racket going

  1. ltr77 says:

    Someone in charge of a large organization with thousands of members makes about as much as a school superintendent? I am OUTRAGED by this. Perhaps we should cap everyone’s compensation including the private sectors at $100,000 a year since clearly you feel that someone in a position of great responsibility should not be paid $200,000 a year.

  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    This is nothing less than extortion. Unions have long been a source of political extremism to do nothing but enforce social policy and conformity to liberal, progressive ideologies. Unions have long passed their usefulness in our society. Our public (government) employees, including teachers, do not need unions. They need accountability. Take for instance, Ms. Learner of the IRS and the DHS employee with his genocide promoting website. Because of Unions, we are still paying their full salary and benefits eventhough they have done something, that in the real working world, would be cause for immediate termination, and rightfully so.

    Why should we the people be subjected to supporting individuals in government whom would otherwise be terminated outside of the Collective bargaining Agreement that a union developed to secure our treasury funds for themselves just to hold us hostage? Salaries are set to offset union dues. Imagine the amount of money our government could save and use for debt reduction without the unions. Imagine our government employees being held accountable for their lack of performance in their positions. Imagine the department heads of the various agencies being required to actually do their job honestly. That is what we could have without unions. Imagine our children and grandchildren actually receiving an education instead of indoctrination. Are these unions worth the sacrifice of our children, freedoms and rights? I think not. They must be abolished.

  3. Margie says:

    This seriously makes me ill. Forced to continually Opt-Out? It is just ignorant. It is legal gangsters is all it is.

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