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Hilarious prank call to NSA asking for help retrieving deleted email

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An Iranian-born filmmaker living in Amsterdam totally punk’d the National Security Agency by phoning in and asking for assistance in retrieving an accidentally deleted email.

“Hello, is this NSA?” Bahram Sadeghi asked in a recorded phone call to the NSA. “Since you have a powerful and trustworthy government organization and collect emails maybe you can help me?”

Sadeghi filmed the hilarious conversation, and it’s laugh out funny when he tells the poor girl from the NSA that since he “was born in Iran and some of my friends work in the media and I travel a lot, maybe I’m a kind of person of interest for NSA,” and therefore, NSA would have saved his email?

Quiet pause from the NSA operator, but what a trooper she is as she attempts to get Sadeghi’s contact “information” for the NSA’s “records.”

The video speaks for itself. Watch here via Dumpert:

H/T: The Daily Dot


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