zero dark thirty
Agents that consulted on ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ film kept secret, judge rules

Conservative government watchdog, Judicial Watch, lost a federal lawsuit Wednesday when a judge ruled the group cannot learn the names of the CIA agents and Navy SEAL […]

FBI sharpens surveillance of Syrians in US; where’s the fake outrage?

Worried about terrorists retaliating for a possible military strike against Syria, the FBI is stepping up surveillance of Syrians in the United States and the Department of Homeland […]

Tucker Carlson
‘Tucker’ed out co-host falls asleep during live ‘Fox and Friends’

The Fox News’ morning show “Fox and Friends” will absolutely have to rename its “curvy couch” the “comfy couch” after the adorable Tucker Carlson fell fast asleep […]

Senior at State Dept.: If Congress says ‘no’ to Syria, Obama will strike anyway

Even though President Obama delayed his golf outing Saturday to announce that he will solicit authorization from Congress before launching a military attack on Syria, there are […]

Brits miss Bush; Obama an ‘embarrassing amateur’ in comparison

Offering a Brit’s view of President Barack Obama and his immediate predecessor, the much-maligned George W. Bush, a Daily Telegraph blog post found Obama an embarrassing, rank […]

michael moore
Radical Michael Moore kicked off Academy Awards voting board

Michael Moore, the grumpy, liberal filmmaker, just lost his position as a voting member on the Academy Awards documentary board over his radical and politically biased views. […]

Troops send ‘stay out of Syria’ messages to Obama: ‘I didn’t join for this’

*Update Sept. 2, 3:45pm: Due to the anonymity of the people in the following photos circulating on Twitter and Facebook, it has not been verified these are […]

Ty Carter
Medal of Honor recipient argues ‘disorder’ should be removed from PTSD

Medal of Honor awardee U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, who also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, remarked on MSNBC Friday that if we’re ever going […]

Amazing video: Massive boulder almost crushes car
Amazing video: Massive boulder almost crushes car

Wow, just wow. This guy is incredibly lucky.

police DC
Furious law enforcement chiefs to Holder: How could you do this to us?

Eric Holder’s selective enforcement of the law has law enforcement up in arms. Sheriffs, narcotics officers and police chiefs issued an open letter to the attorney general […]

betsy karasik
Stunning Washington Post headline says student-teacher sex should not be a crime

Supporters of same-sex marriage dismiss out of hand the charge by some critics on the right that it will open the door to both polygamy and pedophilia. […]

‘Amateur hour’: Krauthammer says US looks to have ‘flinched’ on Syria

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized President Barack Obama’s Rose Garden speech Saturday afternoon, in which he said although he felt he possessed the authority to begin hostilities […]