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White House observes year anniversary of Eastwood’s ’empty chair’ speech

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As Secretary of State John Kerry laid out the administration’s case for a military strike in Syria on Friday, the whereabouts of President Obama was fresh on the mind of Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich:

Astute observers where quick to note that Friday was the one year anniversary of Oscar-winning actor/director Clint Eastwood‘s conversation with imaginary friend, Barack Obama, at the Republican National Convention — Obama being represented by an empty chair, of course.

CSPAN’s Jeremy Art tweeted out this reminder of the iconic moment:

Getting in on the hilarity, perhaps inadvertently, was Fox News’ Ed Henry who tweeted a photo Friday labeled “Furniture moving day at the WH.” The image was captured by Twitchy.com and labeled as: “White House holds solemn #Eastwooding Day observance.”

As expected, Twitter users were quick to capitalize on the opportunity:


Tom Tillison


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