Obama uses phrase ‘my military’; blood pressures rise!

President Obama gave the egotistical game away Friday when he referred to U.S. armed forces as “my military” during a White House news conference explaining pending action against Syria.

“… I have had my military and our team look at a wide range of options,” he said. “We have consulted with allies. We’ve consulted with Congress …” (Check out the video below)

Bad move.

A guy who ticked off half the country last year when he told Americans who own successful businesses you didn’t build that” looks pretty hollow claiming ownership over something the country inarguably built collectively.

And it didn’t take long for Twitter to come alive:





Obamaphiles who are used to making excuses for His Eloquence will probably call it a slip of the tongue, but considering it was followed immediately by “our team,” you get the impression Obama was saying exactly what he thought.

He probably does think of the military as his own. And he’s got some reasons:

He’s got a lapdog secretary of defense in Chuck “I won’t be in a policy-making position” Hagel. He’s surrounded by generals who’ve spent five years coming up with rationalizations for liberal positions like why having gays openly serving in the military is a great idea, why women should be in combat, and how, given the witch-hunt atmosphere of sexual assault in the military these days, every 18-year-old man in uniform is a rapist-in-waiting.

But having reasons for thinking so is no excuse for blurting it out, particularly on the eve of attacking another country that poses no military threat to the United States whatsoever — and never has – in what is, at bottom, a fit of imperial pique. (And even emperors have the class to say “our.”)

One thing Obama’s going to learn, fast and hard, if he goes through with dragging this country into attacking Syria:

There really is no “I” in war.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


151 thoughts on “Obama uses phrase ‘my military’; blood pressures rise!

  1. Jacobb Chapman says:

    If it’s his military then he should pay for it.

  2. Michael Greenberger says:

    People are making WAY to much of it – A military commander says, “MY company or My battalion” what’s the difference? I referred to my unit as MINE. Was it literally mine? No.

    Giants fans often refer to it as “their” team. Is it? No. Those same fans will say “We won!” They’ll even say “We should bomb them,” when referring to the military even though they never have nor shall they ever serve. Way too much being thought about this.

    And he is the commander so yeah, it’s his Army.

    1. GirlIQ says:

      It is not his Army. Our military has existed for decades and decades and has been built up by previous Presidents and paid for by the American people whom o was elected meerly 1 year ago to SERVE. o SERVES WE THE PEOPLE. We decide who gets elected and we decide who goes. When o goes he will not have “his” military to take with him!! I am counting the days until WE get OUR country back!!!!

  3. riri boc says:

    He said “my military [team]”

    “I have had my military — and our — team look at a wide range of options,”

    For people new to grammar, “I have had my military team and our team look at a wide range of options,”

    It’s the same as “2-5 days”, means “2 days to 5 days”

    Not too difficult to figure out.

  4. Eric Collyer says:

    posted this in the wrong spot…..my oops

    wow, its amazing to see so much hostility on here, but im putting my 2cents in anyway…..the armed forces of america are exactly that. the ranks consist of AMERICANS and NON-AMERICANS(with intentions of becoming american citizens) for mr. obama to say “MY MILITARY” is wrong. it is not his, it is the peoples of the U.S.A. I clearly remember the oath i took in July 2001 stating i would uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION of the USA and follow the orders of those appointed above me unless the orders were unconstitutional, at that point I have an obligation to the PEOPLE to do what is right(even if it cost my life). but to be real honest mr obamas word choices should be the least of our worries. his actions and not only this, also his lack of action. because lets face the fact that obama is nothing more than a puppet for the people who really run the country. But heres the real shocker, if blame is going to be placed about why our country is failing, it is to be placed upon the people of this country(i am included) for loosing our unity as a nation and becoming divided as a nation. we as a nation have become so engrossed with being better than our neighbor rather than loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

  5. CarlaJD says:

    Perhaps if Obama would stop with the “I” “ME” “MY” “MINE” words & begin using We The People, Citizens, Our to convey the messaging, he would come across as a leader not as an ego driven dictator.

    1. sandyinindy says:

      I’m glad and honored that he does not include me in any of his groups!

  6. CarlaJD says:

    Nancy Hula Hands Pelosi just said Obama DID NOT DRAW THE RED LINE ! Where is the woman’s mind? She is such a tool of the administration. Calling WMDs & Chemicals are different based on how they are used LOL

  7. Jerry says:

    It doesn’t matter how stupid you think I am. You are the one who admits taking it in your mouth. From you, being called stupid is a compliment. And its the USA Citizens military not Husatan YoBama’s military.
    YoBama is a gay marriage loving, admitted dope using, abortion baby killing liberal demon. You keep calling me a bigot, racist, homophobe, etc. Nothing racial here. Sodomy, witchcraft, and murder in that order are the worse sins in the bible. YoBama represents all of those. I am against all white people that stand for those issues just as much as I am against Yobama. You liberals cannot win the argument so you must call us a racists to change the subject.

  8. GirlIQ says:

    I’m waiting for these “slip of the tongue”
    “MY Middle East”
    “MY press”
    “MY IRS”
    “MY Benghazi Scandal”
    “MY Muslim Brotherhood”
    “MY Mulim Brother”
    “MY Tax Revenue”
    “MY 300th Vacation”
    “MY Code of Law”
    “MY Healthcare System”
    “MY Drones”
    “Your children…MINE”
    “MY Education System”
    “MY Immagrants”
    “MY Poor”
    “MY Food Stamps”
    “MY Oil”
    We’re getting too much of one man! This country was built on WE!

  9. lildebrarae says:

    If it’s “Obama’s Military” …you’d ‘think’ he would PAY them!





    Yet Obama expects “His Military” to ‘fight’ for him in Syria for the Al_queda (they attacked Benghazi and hate US) backed rebels, and ‘against’ the Muslim brotherhood (who also hate us, and nuke us all if they could).

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