Allen West responds to Obama: Don’t ‘lecture us about obligation’ after Benghazi


President Barack Obama said in the Rose Garden Saturday afternoon that he would have Congress decide whether to militarily respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Former Republican Congressman Allen West began his Facebook response to this statement by reminding him where his most important obligations lay — protecting the American people.

“Sir, you turned your back on Americans in Benghazi, so do not pretend to lecture us about obligation,” West said, before launching into his analysis.

“He is afraid to make a decision so is now setting up Congress for the blame,” he continued. “We should not commit our Military because Obama said something stupid and especially since he does not have a strategic or operational objective.”

Abdication of responsibility as commander-in-chief? We were warned this would happen in 2008. Obama has a propensity for abdicating responsibility by voting “present,” and he did it again in his Rose Garden address.

West then made a not-so-gentle reminder of what events led to the escalation of violence in the Middle East — especially Syria.

“Perhaps if he had not decided to ‘end the Iraq War’ and left a residual force on the Iraq-Syrian border we would not have this situation,:” West observed. “I guess this is not so time sensitive, but it is a confirmation of Obama’s weakness.”

West closed his Facebook post with a firm statement of what his vote would be, if he were still serving in Congress.

“NO authorization for military action in Syria.”

West’s Benghazi reference is a reflection of his Friday post, in which he observed:

Consider the irony as we draw close to the one-year anniversary of the Benghazi attack.

President Obama says the use of chemical weapons in Syria threatens our national security and we have an obligation to act.

In contrast, our US Consulate (sovereign American territory) was attacked in Benghazi, our Ambassador was killed along with Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALS (Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty) and the only indignation shown was over a video. Need I mention the ensuing lies?

But where was the obligation to act in response to Benghazi? The events in Syria are horrific to be sure, but to dismiss the attack and loss of American lives in Benghazi is unconscionable.

He followed up by tweeting:



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82 thoughts on “Allen West responds to Obama: Don’t ‘lecture us about obligation’ after Benghazi

  1. fatmababy105 says:

    Mommie, if the phone rings at 3am, you answer cause I ain’t here. Some people wants to get on my case, and I ain;t taking blame.

  2. Marianne Marie Munger says:

    Thank you Mr. West…..we obviously need you back in Congress! I am not sure what country Obama’s loyalties are with (Muslim brotherhood I believe), but I can not think of one good thing he has done for America. He has never supported our military, or our allies around the world, he travels around the world belittling the US and putting us down. He provides the terrorist with weapons and wants to take our right to bear arms. He has homeland security stock piling all the ammunition, hummers by the hundreds, tanks and missiles….to protect us? I seriously doubt that was ever his intention. He has made amnesty for illegals one of his top priorities….at first I thought it was illegal Hispanic’s, but am now convinced it is the illegal Muslim’s, after all they will be the one’s driving the hummers and using the bullets to subdue or eliminate American’s. He has also pushed for Obama care that will be devastating to all of us. His spending and borrowing has been out of control. He appeared on TV to instigate a racial war, along with Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton…..all that accomplished was a mass of killing and raping innocent people. These three men need to read American History back to the beginning of this country……America was settled by White slaves that were brought over in the hulls of ships the same as the blacks later were brought over….the only difference was the blacks were sold into slavery by their own people. The color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter, the color of Their heart does. I wish Congress would do the job they were elected to do very soon.

  3. Vlad99 says:

    How about short-pants West let the adults to do the job of governing. If it’s something he could do he would still be in congress. So many washed up conservatives thinks it’s their place to tell the POTUS what to do what an airbag.

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