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Rubio’s olive branch in Orlando: ‘I hope we can agree to disagree’

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio met with a small group of Florida conservatives shortly before speaking at Americans For Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit” Friday afternoon in Orlando, Fla.

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US Sen. Marco Rubio

After a few short remarks, Rubio took questions from a concerned crowd, including the most awaited question– the one about his support of the immigration reform bill he helped draft and has been under fire for.

“If we had a chance to do something, we should try to do something, because I think what we have now is really bad,” Rubio said, explaining why he believes reform is needed now.

US Sen. Marco Rubio addresses Fla. conservatives Friday before his speech at Americans for Properity “Defending the American Dream Summit” 2013.
Orlando, Florida
Photo Credit: Boris Balaban

Rubio acknowledged that the immigration issue is contentious and agreed that:

“People are saying under this president and this administration, no matter what law you pass they’re not going to enforce it anyway. And that’s why I repeatedly said, it would have been a lot easier to deal with this if we had a different president and a different administration.

But Rubio passionately insisted, “I just personally feel, and still do, that leaving it the way it is is not the best approach.”

To the roomful of voters he knows are angry over the Senate’s version of the immigration bill, and their senator’s support of it, Rubio concluded:

I don’t know what the future of this issue is. I don’t know what the House is going to do. They’ve got different ideas and a different approach on it.

I hope we can agree to disagree respectfully and continue to work together on every other issue we do agree on because there are some very serious issues confronting our country, that I think, in the scheme of things are more important But I do think immigration is an important one.

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