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Carville tames Scarborough’s bulging ego: GOP don’t like you

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Talk about delusional, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough seems to honestly believe most Republicans praise him and “thank God” for his commentary.

While discussing with Democratic strategist James Carville the direction the Republican Party needs to take, Scarborough said that the faction of the GOP that wants to “blow up every building in Washington” is not representative of the party as a whole, according to Mediaite.

“Conservatives win presidential elections, but not conservatives that are crazy that want to shut down the government,” Scarborough said. He added that he has written books about how George W. Bush was not conservative enough.

“These guys do not consider you one of them,” Carville informed Scarborough.

Scarborough countered:

“I can tell you, there are a couple of Cheeto crunchers in basements in their underwear in their mom’s basements on blogs may not care for me, but I can tell you when I walk through airports, when I go to little league ball games, when I go shopping, I’ve got republicans coming up to me hugging me going, ‘thank God, thank God.’”

Tom Tillison


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