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Administration gives green light on legalized marijuana

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As has already been proven with the Defense of Marriage Act and our laws governing immigration, such laws are useless if government chooses not to enforce them.

And in that spirit, the Obama administration has effectively given states a green light to legalize marijuana.

With President Obama continuing to rule by executive fiat, his administration said Thursday it will not challenge laws legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington state as long as those states maintain strict rules involving the sale and distribution of the drug, the Washington Post reported.

As Obama said to Barbara Walters in December, “We’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Attorney General Eric Holder called the governors of Colorado and Washington on Thursday to personally to inform them of the decision.

The Justice Department also sent a memo to U.S. attorneys in all 50 states stating it’s “committed to using its limited investigative and prosecutorial resources to address the most significant threats in the most effective, consistent and rational way.”

The memo directs federal prosecutors to focus on eight areas of enforcement rather than spending time targeting individual users, as noted by the Post.

The eight areas include preventing distribution of marijuana to minors, stopping the growing of marijuana on public land, keeping pot from falling into the hands of cartels and gangs, and preventing the diversion of marijuana to states where it remains illegal.

“Today’s announcement shows the federal government is respecting the will of Colorado voters.” Colorado’s Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper responded in a statement.

That’s assuming the “will” of voters is consistent with Obama’s political agenda. Just ask the state of Texas, which is being sued by Holder because they dared to ask residents to identify themselves before voting.

Tom Tillison


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