Dumb ex-con busted shooting drug-laced arrow at county jail

This stunod criminal from Bellingham, Wash. won’t be qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Archery team anytime soon. And he’s clearly no modern day Robin Hood, either.

Picture this: David Jordan, 36, who recently just got out of jail himself, gets out of his pickup truck with a bow and arrow early Tuesday morning and shoots an arrow with a bag of marijuana – and a yet unidentified substance – tied around it up toward the “second-floor recreation area of Whatcom County Jail.”

arrow with marijuana
Photo Credit: Bellingham Herald

The arrow missed the mesh screen, “second-floor, fresh-air exercise area for inmates” and landed on the roof, the Bellingham Herald reported.

A sheriff’s office employee watched the whole thing, and took Jordan’s license plate number down.

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood Photo Credit: Fandango
Kevin Costner as Robin Hood
Photo Credit: Fandango

Jordan was later found at his home, where the bow was still in his truck, and officers, armed with a search warrant, had to force “their way into Jordan’s home after he refused to let them in,” the paper said.

He admitted to shooting the arrow, but guess what he said he was doing? Squirrel hunting.

“He had no explanation as to why squirrel hunting requires attaching marijuana to an arrow,” Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo told the Herald.”

According to the article:

Earlier this month, Jordan served a 20-day jail sentence for two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest. He was released Friday, Aug. 23.

Jail officials rebooked him Tuesday evening on suspicion of introducing contraband to a corrections facility in the third degree, resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement. His current cell is on the first floor.

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