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Allen West: Obama is best buddy of jihadists, nightmare to Israel

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Thursday morning, former Florida GOP Congressman Allen West analyzed President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy and summed it up as follows: It’s a boon to “the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists and a nightmare for our true buddy, Israel.”

“Ok, I get it now, President Obama stated we would pivot away from the Middle East as part of his foreign policy strategy, or lack thereof,” West began in his Facebook page. “A few months ago, he gave a speech at the National Defense University to state that the ‘war on terror’ has ended.”

This statement took everyone by surprise, especially in light of what’s happening today in Syria and Egypt, and what took place almost a year ago in Benghazi, Libya — an attack on our foreign mission that took four American lives.

But to West, it all began to make sense.

Obama’s grand strategy in the Middle East seems to be how many countries he can destabilize: Libya, Egypt, and now Syria? In each case he has removed not so good guys, but has enabled Islamic terrorists and totalitarians to gain power.

“Therefore, not only has Obama sought to “fundamentally transform” America but also the Middle East,” West concludes, adding, “He is becoming the best buddy of the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists and a nightmare for our true buddy, Israel.”

West tweeted the following at the same time as he posted his Facebook entry:


West lost his congressional seat after a hard-fought race in 2012, but indicated on “Mornings on the Mall,” a popular Washington, D.C. radio program, that he may run for office again in 2016.

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