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Stevie Wonder breaks boycott, visits Florida

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Forty-one days after legendary Motown singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder vowed to boycott Florida, Miami Beach’s sultry sultry summer evenings called out to him and he couldn’t resist.

Stevie Wonder and his handler arrived at LAX Monday after a flight from Miami (Splash News photo via Jose’ Lambiet’s Gossip Extra)
Jose’ Lambiet’s Gossip Extra broke the story Tuesday that the legendary recording artist spent the weekend in South Florida’s legendary South Beach before jetting off to Los Angeles.

During a Canadian performance on July 14, Wonder told the audience he would boycott Florida, saying, “for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice.. we can’t bring them back. What we can do is we can let our voices be heard.”

He made the announcement in the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The boycott was meant to be a protest against Florida’s “stand your ground” law, although that law was never at issue during the trial.

However, Wonder went on to tell the audience that he would never perform in Florida — to be fair, he didn’t say anything about just visiting.

“I decided today that until the “stand your ground” law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again,” Wonder said.

There’s no evidence that he performed during his Florida weekend, so technically, I suppose he off the hook.

But I keep coming back to one thing — there are 31 states that have some form of “stand your ground” law. Does Wonder plan on boycotting all 31, or was that just an excuse because he didn’t like the verdict?

Whatever the answer, I have to say that his convictions are somewhat tidal — they come in, then go out, just like the tide. Forty-one days.

H/T Jose’ Lambiet’s Gossip Extra.


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