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Coulter: Obama bombing Syria so he won’t ‘look like an idiot’

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Outspoken conservative pundit Ann Coulter was in fine form at her Tuesday night appearance on the Sean Hannity Show. She said the only reason Obama may commence hostilities with Syria is so he won’t “look like an idiot.”

She also charged that Democrats typically go to war to serve their own interests, rather than America’s.

She referred to Obama’s “red line” with respect to Syria’s use of chemical or biological weapons during the regime’s prosecution of its civil war. Now that the line has been crossed, he’ll be lobbing missiles in their direction “solely so that our president wouldn’t look like an idiot for something he said,” she opined.

Using the administration’s failed foreign policy that resulted in violent unrest in both Libya and Egypt as an example, she insisted, “Democrats do not care about America’s national security.”

Moving on to failed campaigns in previous Democratic administrations, she brought up our intervention in Bosnia during the Clinton years. She noted that the body count was exaggerated in order to involve the United States in a conflict in which we had no interest.

“Do not vote for Democrats for commander-in-chief, America,” she concluded. “This is what happens.”

Watch the exchange, courtesy of Fox News.


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