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Watch Apache AH-64 gunships shred Taliban in major firefight

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This battle happened on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the good guys won big time. The mainstream media doesn’t post many war videos, except when something goes wrong and civilians are killed. I like to keep our video page upbeat, and I haven’t posted many war videos, either.

But our military is still fighting a war in Afghanistan, and what’s more upbeat than cheering on our troops as they battle the enemy?

A lot of Talibans get killed in this video. If that might disturb you, please do not watch it.

Considering that the killed Talibans were attacking our soldiers, it didn’t bother me one bit. Like many Americans, I wish we would leave this cesspool of a country already. But as long as we’re still there, I’m happy to see our troops kick some Taliban butt.

Warning: Graphic content

H/T: LiveLeak

Jack Furnari


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