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O’Reilly: Grievance industry turning MLK’s dream into distorted nightmare

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On Monday night’s “Talking Points Memo,” Bill O’Reilly commented on the speakers at the 50th anniversary commemoration of Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I Had a Dream” speech, and said King would be appalled if he were alive today. The dream has since been distorted into a nightmare “heavy on grievance” by the likes of Al Sharpton.

He noted that the speakers at the Washington Mall Saturday zeroed in on racial profiling, voter ID and government handouts instead of looking ahead and focusing on personal responsibility, and the “collapse of the traditional family,” an issue Dr. King would be “broken-hearted” about were he alive today.

He observed that speakers such as Sharpton benefitted handsomely by pushing “grievance” rather than engaging in any kind of “meaningful problem solving.”

Watch the video, courtesy of Fox News.


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