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High school student gov’t candidate caught sending racist texts to himself

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Playing the race card has proven to be a lucrative endeavor, particularly in today’s political climate. A lesson learned well by a 16-year-old high school student in New Jersey who sent racial text messages to himself.

In the wake of a racial hoax that temporarily shut down a small, liberal Ohio university, a black student running for student council president supposedly received racist text messages warning him to drop out of the race, N.J. News reported.

However, according to N.J. News, a school official confirmed that the student sent the texts to himself using a phone app called TEXTME, which hampered police from immediately determining who sent the text messages.

A spokesman told N.J. News that the high school “is relieved that this extremely distressing incident has found closure,” and commended law enforcement for their diligent work.

As reported by N.J. News, the text messages stated:

“We have NEVER and will NEVER have an (n-word) to lead our school,” was one of the messages supposedly sent to the 16-year-old student, who at the time, was a resident in Jersey City.

The message went on to call President Obama by his middle name Hussein and used a racial slur in referring to Obama, a police report said. “We will never make that mistake again. Drop out right now . . .” it continued, a police report said.

A second message read “Whites! Your a waste on this earth, a waste at this school, and most importantly a Waste for this campaign.” That message called the student government candidate a “slave” and used a racial slur, a report said.

The third message texted to — and as it turns out from — the student, contained a warning to drop out of the race and the fourth read, in part, “COMEONE your black!!! lol your a joke for even trying to run,” according to a police report.

The student lost the race for student council president but was elected vice president, and no longer attends the school.

“It is a predominantly white school and there may be a few sections of the school who are fearful of a new face trying to get in office,” the father said at the time of the allegation — which could help explain how his son developed the mentality to attempt such a hoax.

Tom Tillison


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