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Combat vet loses battle over flag, plans to move from retirement community

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A retired Marine combat veteran and his wife are voting with their feet after losing a vote among their neighbors over the Marine Corps colors.

The couple has been in a running battle with their Griffin, Ga., retirement community since July over Capt. Jim Lowe’s efforts to fly the Marine banner along with an American flag outside their home.

gavetflagThe community’s bylaws stipulate than only one flag is allowed to fly per home, but Griffin maintained that because the Marine Corps colors always fly with the American flag, the two should be counted as one unit, according to Fox News.

The issue was put to a community vote and on Monday Lowe got the results.

One of the flags would have to go.

But the Lowes say they’ll go instead.

“When a bunch of arbitrary rules trump the Constitution, it’s a sad date because indeed a piece of America is lost,” Lowe said after the decision was made.

The board of directors of the Sun City-Peachtree retirement community said the Lowes were aware of the rules when they moved in. In a statement, the board said the flag decision was democracy in action.

“A recent poll of residents asking their opinion about a possible change in the number of flags permitted indicated no overwhelming preference for a change in the governing documents,” a board statement said.

If the Lowes chose to go against the community’s bylaws, it would mean a $25-a-day fine and possibly a lien on their home.

And that was too much, even if the couple has enjoyed their time in the community.

“We loved it here, but now we’re going to have to find somewhere else to go. We just can’t afford it,” Lowe’s wife, Sandy said. “I mean it would wipe us out completely.”


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