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AP, NY Times help make Manning’s sex change official

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It took a whole four days of work by the gay lobby, but major news organizations in the United States are back in the business of denying reality.

The Associated Press and New York Times announced in internal memos on Monday that they are agreeing to convicted traitor Bradley Manning’s request to be referred to from now on as a woman named Chelsea Manning with all appropriate feminine pronouns, according to Politico, .

bradleymanningSince AP style has been the standard for most newspapers and other media  in the country for decades, it’s likely future coverage in all media will adopt the Manning gender switch, meaning the largest theft of classified documents in United States history will have been committed by someone named Chelsea Manning, who was acting out her displeasure with the war in Afghanistan and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law prohibiting gays from serving openly in the military

Of the two organizations, the AP is the more dismaying case. Not only is it so widely used as to be inescapable (even Fox News reports today from AP are referring to Manning as “Chelsea”), it’s also historically been less openly biased toward liberals.

The New York Times was only to be expected. The only question was why it took so between from Manning’s request to become known via the “Today” show Thursday for The Times to submit to the gay lobby’s demands on Monday.

And that lobbying started immediately, according to The Times itself, which reported Friday: “Rich Ferraro,” a spokesman for Glaad, a gay-rights group, said he had been reaching out to news organizations to change their usage. He noted that nearly every major style guide says the media should use the pronoun preferred by the subject. ‘All of the media coverage today shows how far behind the media is covering transgender people,’ said Mr. Ferrar.”

Mr. Ferrar can rest easy.

Bradley Manning is now Chelsea Manning to the media arbiters. He is now she. And reality is whatever the media wants it to be.

(The Afghans who died because Manning’s treason revealed their cooperation with American forces to the Taliban could not be reached for comment.)


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