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Stockman accuses ‘lawless WH’ of aiding and abetting voter fraud

Photo Credit Breitbart.com

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U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, strongly rebuked efforts by the Obama administration to invalidate voter ID laws in his state, saying it’s “a clear attempt by a lawless White House to aid and abet voter fraud.”

Stockman was responding to Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced on Thursday that the Justice Department will sue Texas over its voter ID law and try to intervene in a lawsuit over the state’s redistricting policies, Independent Journal Review reported.

“This is a clear attempt by a lawless White House to aid and abet voter fraud,” Stockman said in a statement released Friday.

“Whether it is blocking the prosecution of voter intimidation in Philadelphia, illegally running guns to Mexican drug lords or assisting voter fraud in Texas, Barack Obama has decided the rule of law takes a back seat to ‘Rules for Radicals,’” he continued.

The Independent Journal Review points out that Holder boasted to the NAACP in July, “I will not allow the Texas Voter ID law to happen.”

Stockman stated that 83 percent of minority voters support voter ID laws and called on the federal courts “to do their constitutional duty and thwart this latest attempt to abuse presidential power to pervert free and clean elections.”

“The only people with an interest in preventing voter ID are people engaged in voter fraud,” he concluded.

Tom Tillison


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