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NSA secretly bugging U.N. headquarters in NY since last year, reports say

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united nations building

The National Security Agency broke into the United Nations’ internal video conferencing system in 2012, and has been secretly monitoring the goings-on there since that time, a German magazine disclosed.

In yet another Edward Snowden NSA jaw-dropper, the weekly publication Der Spiegel announced Sunday that the NSA had decrypted the video conferencing system at the U.N. New York headquarters last summer, according to Fox News.

The decryption”dramatically increased the data from video phone conferences and the ability to decode the data traffic,” the article quoted the NSA documents as saying, and decrypted U.N. communications increased from 12 to 458 within a three-week period.

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd noted the unfortunate timing for the president of this latest NSA disclosure on Monday’s “The Today Show.”

“But of course right now, he’s in the middle of trying to get Western allies in Europe to side with him to do something with Syria, so the timing of this, Tamron, couldn’t be worse for the Obama administration,” Todd reported.

Watch the NBC report courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon.


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