Lawmaker warns Christians over new gay therapy law: We’ll take your children

So, they can take the kids now, too?

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law last week banning therapists for troubled teenagers from trying to help the teens rid themselves of  unwanted homosexual attraction, he may have opened the door to the state to remove children from parents’ custody for getting them therapy the state doesn’t like.

childcustodyThat’s what Democratic Assemblyman Tim Eustace indicated Wednesday when he likened Christian parents who enroll their children in  “gay conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy” to abusers  who don’t deserve custody of their own offspring.

“What this [laws] does is prevent things that are harmful to people,” the openly gay Eustace told a Philadelphia-area radio station.

“If a parent were beating their child on a regular basis, we would step in and remove that child from the house. If you pay somebody to beat your child or abuse your child, what’s the difference?”

So, gay activists want the state to “step in and remove that child” from a home because a child’s parents have beliefs about religion or sexuality that the activists disapprove of.

Appearing as a guest on the same station, Mat Staver, president of a conservative law group suing New Jersey over the law, was outraged.

“It is shocking to hear the law’s sponsors threaten parents that the state will remove their children from them if they provide counsel they need and which helps them,” said Staver, founder of Orlando, Fla.-based Legal Counsel, which is also suing California over a similar law. “This is the ultimate nanny state.”

It’s especially shocking since the research Christie cited when he signed the law contained no documented “harm” from reparative therapy, just anecdotal evidence that “some individuals reported being harmed.”

So “some individuals reported being harmed” by their parents doing what they judged best for them even if they didn’t like it?

Every person reading  this has felt this way at some point in their teenage lives. And every parent knows that taking that blame is one of the hardest parts of the job.

If that’s the standard for the state to take custody of children, all children would be custody of the state.

But maybe that’s what the libs are really shooting for.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


32 thoughts on “Lawmaker warns Christians over new gay therapy law: We’ll take your children

  1. meglvsJC says:

    Knowing that childhood sexual abuse is a MAJOR reason for boys growing up thinking they are gay…and girls thinking they are lesbians…should change our thinking to being more compassionate for them. Some see them as perverts but the perverts were the ADULTS, that molested them.THE PRIESTS,THE UNCLES,THE YOUTH PASTORS, GRANDPA,THE BROTHER ,THE SISTER THE MOMMY AND DADDY AND SICK STEP FATHERS. Any kid who has been molested needs help. WE WERE NOT BORN GAY. We we created in the image of God and this is one of Satan’s ways to destroy a childs soul…and corrupt our society. Christie and everyone else in power needs to sit in and listen to the stories of the adult survivors of sexual abuse…before making any anti christian moronic laws like that. But speaking of MORONS….Stop blasting gays…..its gross to most of us but more disgusting is what happens to those of us who were molested . Think of your kids….how would you feel if they we molested under your own roof? The INNOCENCE is forcefully taken from them. While mommy shops…some sick a hole is only too willing to shatter a child’s soul. 1 out of 6 men 1 out 4 woman…not including the people who have not recovered the memories yet. It’s an epidemic and if Christie has any intentions of getting the conservative vote ,he needs to wise up now. Same sex attraction …can be overcome.. check out Sy Rogers web site.

    1. Realitycbd says:

      Please provide the scientific proof of your assertions. It seems that every major medical association in the US disagrees with you.

      1. meglvsJC says:

        I suppose It would be that while in the process of recovery from CSA my self over 3/4 of the people in groups and other gays I have know…have that in common. If not sexual abuse other parental based abuse. Science does not heal.

        1. Realitycbd says:

          So your answer is “no” then.

          1. meglvsJC says:

            I will keep track all the people I hear the abuse stories from then break it down into numbers….You can make a nice graph and do the math yourself.

          2. Realitycbd says:

            Please submit it for peer review like all other scientific studies.

          3. meglvsJC says:

            Ok Will do but I am sure my “peers’ will agree. Science does not save either. That’s all folks!

          4. Realitycbd says:

            Obviously you are either deliberately misinterpreting the peer review process as it pertains to scientific journals or you simply do not understand how it works.

      2. momoseven says:

        …funny thing: the AMA and the APA and the AAP have each and all changed their “scientific” viewpoint on this matter, Railitycbd. My question is, if their initial viewpoint and present viewpoint is from scientific findings, how come the viewpoint change? The viewpoint change suggests either political pressure or shoddy scientific research. In either case, they have proven to be untrustworthy.

      3. StuckInCali2Long says:

        Most of society disagrees with any notion that sexual dysfunction of all types are caused by childhood trauma whether it be abuse (of any type) or neglect or a traumatic event. I do have a loved one that had to get hypnotized to pull out the “skeletons in her closet” to heal her from the disorder she had. Many of us have things that happened in our lives that we don’t consciously remember that can affect who we are and what we do. Our brains have a “safe mode” so we don’t lose it. Some people have better coping skills than others and some people go through a healing process and become stronger people after. I also have a loved one that is in the sex industry and when I suggest that she get help for what happened to her as a kid her response is “it happened to a lot of people”. Well she is correct, but with society telling people that their sexual dysfunction is “normal” then they never get the help they need. It’s not about being counseled on being gay. It’s about getting down to the root of our problems. You might still be gay at the end f the day and no one is trying to change that. We are just saying we should have compassion for those that are hurting n the inside, not hate them. The sex industry is such a big money making industry that we don’t even protect our kids from it anymore and pedophiles get VERY short jail time if any. There are groups trying to make pedophilia a sexual orientation. Al you Libs are gonna fight for that too, I already know.

      4. unclebuck7 says:

        You must mean all the official positions may be, but I can guarantee you that most of the true professionals would take Meg’s take, like above.

    2. Chauncey Freeman says:

      Excellent and accurate post. Multitudes of those poor unfortunates who identify IN THEIR FEELINGS as “Gay”, not by any genetic determinant, have had their natural process of discovery interrupted by a perverted same-sex family friend or family member who violated their sovereignty by molesting them. Is it right to allow a criminal act to influence the choice they make about sexuality? These children desperately need therapy to restore them to their natural, normal sexuality. Not getting them help is child abuse. The neo-Marxist democrat party represent the Red Coats of the days of the American Revolution turning America’s police force into their own paramilitary of jack booted thugs to terrorize formerly free Americans. How long will you let these crimes against liberty advance?

      1. Luke James says:

        So how do you explain the thousands of animals and insects that all so practice homosexuality ? Were those animals all so abused too ? Do those animals need therapy to restore there “natural sexuality” ?The resent Russian anti gay law is the way that those who claim to want freedom really feel = they want to ban the other side by force of law because they can not win there case fighting on an equal field , they know that when facts and evidence are seen they will have no case , so ban any speech that does not back there claims and they may have a chance .O its for the children they claim but they do not care about children there only concern is to advance your anti homo agenda no matter who that hurts .

    3. justamom says:

      You are so right, but more often ii is not abuse that leads to SSA, but a defect in the normal maturing of a child. And yes, they are NOT born gay, but remember, they also do not ask for this. I know many “gays” living a happy heterosexual life with a family.

      1. Luke James says:

        How do you know how other people are born ? Are you them ? The so called gays living happy hetrosexual lives are in fact bi-sexuals who can choose either , homos can never be attracted sexually to the opposite sex because God made them this way = yes homosexuality is a gift from God . How many homos does God need to make before you people except them as human beings and not as a sexual act .

        1. Gordon Clark says:

          LOL I can quote old testament and new testament theology to argue that homosexuality is a curse from God not a gift.

          1. Luke James says:

            I can quote old and new testament theology that backs slavery and rape and genocide , but I follow Jesus and he never once condemned homosexuality .Its only by twisting the words of Jesus that you can do such ( condemn a whole class of humans for the way that God made them ) and to get it right King David was in a homosexual relationship that God backed fully and Sodom was a crime of rape not consenting love ,Paul was a man open to falsity , you and your kind have stolen our religion of love and used it for the most vile of things = hate(that you dress up in the lie “love the sinner hate the sin” as if any one would want a life of viginity and aloneness for people they love) , well my generation is retaking Christianity from the christophonies .And yes in the new Church homos will be given the respect that God intended when he made them as is .

    4. StuckInCali2Long says:

      I agree that we aren’t to hate. I live in CA it is inevitable that I have had gay friends. I don’t hate them, but I don’t want to watch them make out either and I do not agree with gay marriage.

      1. Realitycbd says:

        PDA in any form is fairly tacky. I don’t want to watch you make out either.

        1. StuckInCali2Long says:

          I agree, but I live in CA (Sodom and Gomorrah of America) and not only do I see gay PDA, but girls will have the right to use my son’s restroom and locker room at school starting this year. Some see that as “Progression” but I see that as…..odd. I guess if she thinks she’s a boy then the nude male anatomy shouldn’t make her uncomfortable or out of place, but I’d think it’d be odd for the males. Boys will be able to use the female facilities so boys will be undressing with peoples daughters. “Progression”? It’s not that I hate LGBT, it is that I don’t like having to change what nature tells my kid is normal and have to explain to him the “Liberal normal”. We shouldn’t have to change our entire society for a tiny part of our population.

          1. meglvsJC says:

            That’s so true!! Love people but FIGHT the political agenda. I work for the school board and answer the bullying calls. That ludicrous bill will create so much horrific bullying and increase the potential for extreme violence that they will have to drop it the first year. This will be a very dark future
            for our kids and grand kids If we don’t stand up now. You can’t force us
            to swallow the “it’s normal”mantra and like it. Postmodernism sucks.

          2. Luke James says:

            Nature tells you nothing about how unnatural homos are , if you did you ever bother to look you would find thousands of homo animal and insects , try looking at dogs for a start – yukky and natural are not the same thing .

      2. Luke James says:

        You do not have any gay friends = you may know some gay people but you are in no way there friend , if you were a true friend you would see the people not what you think they do behind closed doors . People are way more than there sex lives .

    5. unclebuck7 says:

      I attended HA meetings for about 6 months, and the testimonies fell right in line with your statements above. Thankyou for sharing it.

      1. Luke James says:

        Why are these so called testimonies all ways only given second hand ? Why do they not come out and state there case them selves ? Could it be because they are fake ?

  2. Chauncey Freeman says:

    Here’s the biggest laugh riot, “What this [laws] does is prevent things that are harmful to people,” the openly gay Eustace told a Philadelphia-area radio station.” What is more harmful to people than homosexuality? Homosexuals have dramatically disproportionate rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic abuse, suicide, STDs deadly and non-deadly, sexual compulsion addiction, infidelity and yes as painful as the truth may be a disproportionate number of serial killers than their heterosexual counterparts. Weren’t all the priests that nearly brought down the Catholic Church homosexual in the 99 percentile. YES! We need a law that “prevents things that harm people” and homosexuality harms millions of people. WHEN FASCISM COMES TO AMERICA IT WILL BE CARRYING A PINK SWASTIKA, WRAPPED IN A RAINBOW FLAG. AND IT HAS! Fight it before it metastasizes. Yes they will call you names but the facts are on our side.

    1. Luke James says:

      Homosexuality harms no one = what causes so much harm is the rejection of the natural sexuality of 2-10% of every generation ever born . As part of that problem you and your kind are directly to blame for this sad state of affairs .You should be ashamed of your self , thank God the new generation has rejected your hate .

  3. phillyfanatic says:

    Gays are the new Chi-coms and soviets, wanting to take kids from parents if the parents try to live a Christian life style. The hell with the gays. They are perverse and Christians should fight back against this minority of leftists who use PC fear to cow Americans. Compassion for …evil?? Nice touch there. The libs have foisted this gay agenda on America as if it were holy writ.

    1. Luke James says:

      The hell with your hate , you are no Christian , you are a pharasee.

      1. Gordon Clark says:

        Actually he is not a pharisee, there is no scripture against defending his spiritual views.

  4. Deborah Dyess says:

    this is so wrong. if I had young children and someone came to take them it would be over their cold dead body

  5. jlenoreb says:

    Time to move out of NJ folks! And who in their right mind would want this governor for our president????????? I said right mind, which means it wouldn’t be a democrap!

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