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California braces for Obamacare nightmare; where’s Pelosi now?

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When Nancy Pelosi was trying to convince the country to accept Obamacare, she infamously said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

And with less than six weeks to go, the former home speaker’s home state of California is finding out: ignorance, confusion and incompetence.

nancypelosiAnd that’s just in California.

The Los Angeles Times reports that with the state scrambling to get one of the key parts of Obamacare up and running — a computerized health-insurance “exchange” called Covered California — only 25  percent of Golden State voters had heard much about it.

And only 18 percent of the uninsured – the very people who are supposed to be flocking to Covered California – are in the know.

Which may all be just as well, since the state won’t be ready for them to sign up anyway.

Another LA Times report shows California is still testing a computer system that’s supposed to go online 35 days from Monday.

Chances are it’s going to fail, and Covered California is already moving the goal posts.

Oct. 1 isn’t going to be important anymore once Oct. 1 rolls around, Covered California executive director Peter Lee told the Times.

“The date we care about is Jan. 1, when coverage takes effect,” Lee said.

Right. The beauty of this for Democrats is they just keep shifting the targets when they miss them.

The employer mandate isn’t going to be finished on time? No problem. President Obama unilaterally declares – without any constitutional authority – that it would be delayed a year.

The state-run computer exchange won’t be ready? No problem. California Covered simply moves the “date we care about.” And will move it again when it has to, because the only date that really matters to Democrats next year is the Nov. 14 elections and the Congress Obama has to for his last days in office.

Until then, Covered California board members are putting a brave face on failure.

“We are feeling the pressure. This is our Super Bowl,” Ross said. “One thing we can guarantee is we won’t get everything right.”

Nancy Pelosi thinks we needed them to pass this monstrosity to know that?



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