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Okla. gov: Obama should speak out about Lane as much he did Martin

Gov Mary Fallin
Gov. Mary Fallin via Twitter

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Oklahoma’s Republican Gov. Mary Fallin said Sunday that it would be a “nice gesture” for President Obama to extend his condolences on behalf of the U.S. over Chris Lane’s brutal murder.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Fallon told Chris Wallace, that Obama should speak out about Lane considering how much talking he did about Trayvon Martin. 

“I think it would be a nice gesture for [Obama] to do that, especially since the country of Australia has expressed their sentiments as to the murder itself. I think it would be a nice gesture and I certainly — that’s what I’m going to do,” Fallon said, according to Politico.

After three teens allegedly murdered Lane for no other reason than being “bored and wanting to kill someone,” Australia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer called for tourists to boycott the U.S. last week.

Fischer, who was a leading proponent of tighter gun control laws in Australia, blamed the “legacy of policies of the NRA” for this horrific act of violence, the Herald Sun reported.

It would be nice if our nation were to certainly express their condolences, how very sorry we are,” Fallon continued to Wallace. “This is a very unusual circumstance, we don’t anticipate that someone would commit such a brutal crime upon an innocent person.”

Also appearing on the show was Oklahoma District Attorney Jason Hicks who called the three accused killers “thugs” in court on Tuesday.

“Lane’s killing is an issue of murder, not necessarily race or gun control,” Politico reported Hicks said Sunday.


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