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Obama rodeo clown making a comeback in Texas

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Obama-Rodeo clownDon’t mess with Texas. Not one to shy away from controversy, the Mesquite Rodeo decided Tuffy Gessling did nothing wrong, and didn’t mean to offend anyone, when he put on an Obama mask while working as a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair.

So the Mesquite Rodeo decided to host a clown of its own, according to the Dallas Observer, announcing:

Come see what is causing all the ruckus as the Mesquite Rodeo 2013 season closer gets visit from a “special guest president.”

You’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the Obama clown in Missouri. This weekend, an Obama clown is a special guest star as the Mesquite Rodeo puts on the grand finale to its 2013 season with non-stop rodeo action you will only find in the aptly named “Rodeo Capital of Texas.” Though he promises to remove his hat for the prayer, people are wondering: How will an Obama clown be received in the Lone Star State?

“Presidential and celebrity clowns and dummies have been in rodeo and other sports and entertainment events since before Richard Nixon,” Steve Gander, general manager of the Mesquite Arena, told the Dallas Observer in an email.

The rodeo is not just trying to annoy liberals, who – in Gander’s words – have an innate and universal hatred of rodeos, he said, adding that an Obama clown will be joined by three other “presidents” at the event over the weekend.

Gander promised that the rodeo would provide “good clean family entertainment” and that the clown performance would be “respectful.”


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