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MLK rolls in grave: Sharpton says Rosa Parks ‘wasn’t no ho’

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In what was perhaps the saddest testament to where Martin Luther King’s dream for racial harmony and equality stands 50 years later, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday and reminded the crowd that Rosa Parks “wasn’t no ‘ho.”

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In August 1963, King gave his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech and inspired the nation with his call for an end to racism and racial inequality.

Fifty years later, Sharpton, a man so many believe contributes almost daily to crushing King’s dream, organized the anniversary event and gave a nationally televised speech of his own saying, among other things, that black men need to respect black women.

According to several tweets published by Twitchy, Sharpton’s example of showing respect to women was to remind men that civil rights icons Rosa Parks “wasn’t no ‘ho” and Fannie Lou Hamer “wasn’t no bitch.”

One must wonder if King rolled over in his grave at how one of today’s top civil rights leaders stood on the Lincoln Memorial – sounding completely illiterate and using pathetically poor grammar – to tell modern young men that Parks and Hamer weren’t bitches and ‘hos.

Via Twitchy:

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Well said:

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