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Letter to the Editor: Obama refuses to recognize racism against whites

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obama-faggot-rantOnce again, racism aimed at white people is all but ignored by the media. According to an article in Friday’s BizPac Review, a black American, Ayo Kimathi, is a federal employee who operates a racist website, War on the Horizon, which perpetuates the idea that there will be an “unavoidable” and “inevitable” war against all white people. Kimathi also says that it is “his job to prepare all black people worldwide” for this “clash.”

So, where is President Obama’s indignation and outrage over this horrendous example of racism?  Does our president only recognize and speak out about racism and hatred when it is directed at black Americans?  Or can he (and Jesse and Al, et. al.) see what I see — that any and all hatred (racism) directed at any human being is wrong, unacceptable and must be stamped out immediately?

Come on, all of you who are willing to stand up against racism: Let’s call for the firing of Kimathi, a known hater and racist. Surely, there is a non-racist who would be glad to have a well-paid federal job as an acquisitions officer for ICE.

Cathy G. Yonkers

Jupiter, FL


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