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Judge Jeanine: We keep being lied to; I’d be hauling butts to jail

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Judge Jeanine Piro was singing the Who’s hit classic, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” during her opening statement Saturday night. The message? Don’t get fooled by the lies coming out of the Obama administration.

She nailed it on a whole host of lies, from the National Security Agency to the presidential “red line” on Syria’s use of chemical weapons

And when administration officials get caught, instead of owning up to the lie, they simply revise it as if to say we just misunderstood them the last time around.

“Now when I was a judge, if someone lied to me on something of such a serious nature, their butts would be personally chaperoned to the local lockup courtesy of yours truly,” she said.

She notes that the upshot of the lies on the world stage is that “No one respects us, no one fears us, we look weak and we’ve lost our credibility. Why are you beating your chest when it’s full of nothing but hot air?” she asks the president.

But she wasn’t finished. She then took on the total lack of accountability of Obama administration appointees, beginning with Samantha Power, America’s newly-appointed ambassador to the United Nations, who skipped an emergency meeting on Syria because she was vacationing after serving less than a month on the job.

Judge Jeanine’s opening statement was full of outrage and dripping with sarcasm. Enjoy!

Watch the video, courtesy of Fox News.


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