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‘The Five’ blasts NBC for ‘moronic’ fiction shows on Paula Deen, Trayvon

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Fox News’ “The Five” took NBC to task Friday over its announcement of an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” It’ll be race-based and feature a Southern celebrity chef based on Paula Deen confronting a Skittles-clutching, hoodie-wearing black teen (read Trayvon Martin).

“It’s ‘Law & Order,’” co-host Greg Gutfeld said. “You have to understand that ‘Law & Order’ is like a grade school project about issues. It’s like an amateur’s collage made to look important, but it’s moronic.

“They always try to surprise you with their twists in ‘Law & Order,’ [but] they’re as predictable as a New York Times editorial,” Gutfield said, adding that he was “always amazed about how much crap they can cram into 48 minutes.”

Co-host Eric Bolling said that although basing storylines on current headlines isn’t a bad thing, the show went overboard this time by portraying a character based on Paula Deen, “who’s been vindicated” of racism, and “making her the shooter in a Trayvon Martin scene.”

Co-host Bob Beckel called the episode “sophomoric” and lacking in “initiative on their part to come up with anything creative.”

Guest co-host Katie Pavlich criticized NBC’s dishonesty in its handling of racial issues.

“Paula Deen has been redeemed,” she said. “The media has portrayed the Trayvon Martin case in very dishonest terms.”

A racial discrimination lawsuit filed against Deen was dismissed recently, and a jury acquitted neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Martin’s shooting death.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Mediaite.


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