GOP women rant back to female Dem leaders: ‘Shame on you!’

Republican women are no pushovers.

The Florida Federation of Republican Women, Florida’s “oldest and largest grassroots organization for women in the state,” was not going to sit back and let the female leaders of the Democratic party falsely attack the state’s Republican chairman, Lenny Curry.

The group published this open letter to Democratic Chairs Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Allison Tant, and its message was loud and clear:

After a brutal political week, highlighted by amateur mistakes and the subsequent public ire correctly directed at the poor leadership of Florida Democrat Party Chair Allison Tant and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, these women resorted to inappropriately using the word ‘sexist’ in referring to Chairman Lenny Curry to divert attention from their embarrassing failures.

Women can’t have it both ways. Women of character never stoop to crying sexism without merit. It is this type of deceitful, double standard, false outcries that trivialize the word ‘sexist’ and make it even more difficult for women victims to come forward with true ethical violations.

Lenny Curry is no sexist. Most importantly, neither of these female, savvy, hard-core, liberal operatives ever uses the term unless it suits their partisan purposes.

As a nation watches the horrific events unfold in San Diego in which Mayor Filner stands accused of actually being a sexist by abusing his power with any number of women, Florida Democrat leaders remain silent on that very real issue.

Instead, they have used the “sex card” to attempt to label Chairman Curry as something he is not. Women who have actually been victimized by sexist behavior are outraged.

Ms. Tant said in her statement that Curry would never use the word “rant” to refer to a man. We recall several Democrat male leaders infamous for their media-driven “rants” including failed candidate and former DNC Chair, Howard Dean, who ranted continuously until his final ill-fated “yell” destroyed his career.

Another infamous liberal male famously quoted for his sexist rants is the vulgar and clearly sexist Congressman Alan Grayson who garnered national attention when he referred to a female Federal advisor as a “K Street Whore”.

Our message to Ms. Tant and Congresswoman Schultz: “This is politics, ladies.If you can’t stand the heat get out of the proverbial kitchen! Better yet, lead as both genders expect. How dare you trivialize the word sexist when referring to an equal male counterpart in the political arena!

By the way, we take pride in the fact that our own conservative rants were heard by Governor Rick Scott and our Republican led Legislature:

“We need jobs! We need lower taxes! We don’t want to pay for shadowy Obamacare exchanges and we expect you to work hand-in-hand to clean up the massive Florida unemployment, the $5 billion dollars in debt Charlie Crist left in his wake and erase the nationwide disgrace of this former Governor caused to our great state.”

We are overjoyed to report our Republican elected officials heard our rants loud and clear. We don’t even mind that liberals get to share in our state’s recent highly acclaimed prosperity!

PS: DSW: Please do run Charlie on your Democrat ticket for Governor, we just can’t wait for those debates. We can promise not to rant about it but we can’t promise not to laugh!


5 thoughts on “GOP women rant back to female Dem leaders: ‘Shame on you!’

  1. Cindy Graves says:

    Many thanks to you, Michele, for helping us call out these irresponsible women! We are having a contest next week on the Cindy Graves Radio Show on WBOB to create a name for such women who improperly use the word “Sexist” to suit their own purposes.

    Keep it up! as this is the first toe hold of the liberals to bring a fake war on women to Florida for 2014 as they certainly cannot compete with Governor Rick Scott and his economic record fairly!

  2. Ajean72 says:

    I blame the person or persons who granted women’s lib. Women now act like men and the men in this country are wimps. Unless, you are lucky enough to find a sweet, strong, God fearing Conservative man, women are going to have a hard time finding a good man these days.

    1. Buzzbw2 says:

      Sometimes Christians take the “turn the other cheek” too far. Boy’s, esp white kids, are taught not to fight. I see more and more people teaching that it’s wrong to fight even when defending themselves, It’s not ok to speak your mind or stand up for yourself or others. To ALWAYS go tell etc. how can we raise strong men when boys are being influenced to not even speak up much less stand up.

  3. rabbikeen says:

    Poor debbie can’t wait till her district finally catches on and fires her…she all about herself and what she can get out of it…..

  4. Tommy may says:

    BREAKING NEWS>>We will shut down the Government over the budget because the Blue Collar jobs and Student are gone for lack of revenue, 55% of Women VOTED FOR OBAMA, GAYS ARE DEMANDING RIGHTS that we can’t pay for, Health Care is dead in the Gurney, the GOP is going down [hate Immigrants?]. Plus Hillary is planning to run a-mucking campaign >>WOW that’s enough

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