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Koch brothers not buying Tribune newspapers

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Much to the chagrin of conservatives everywhere, a spokeswoman for Koch Industries has confirmed reports that billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch are no longer interested in buying eight newspapers owned by the Tribune Company.

The Daily Caller reported on Thursday that sources told them Koch Industries determined that the purchase was “not economically viable” and that both parties walked away from the negotiations.

“Koch continues to have an interest in the media business and we’re exploring a broad range of opportunities where we think we can add value. In terms of the Tribune, the Daily Caller story is accurate,” Koch Industries spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia told Politico.

Newspapers owned by the Tribune Company include the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel.

Rumors that the Koch brothers may buy the newspapers provided a glimmer of hope for the right of a more level playing field in an industry that leans hard left.

“After word leaked out, far-left activists went into fascist mode trying to whip up partisans into a frenzy against the very thought that non-liberals might actually be able to influence major news organizations,” Newsbuters noted.

One such effort in Central Florida saw the Orlando Sentinel’s top columnist and two other reporters intermingle with demonstrators protesting on their doorstep. The protest was organized by Florida Watch Action, which has been identified as a rebranded ACORN organization.

The hysteria led to the Hartford City Council passing a resolution opposing a takeover by the Kochs’ of Tribune, which owns the local Hartford Courant, the Daily Caller reported.

The resolution was raised by members of the council’s Working Families Party, whose political affiliations have been traced to now-defunct ACORN and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The Koch brothers are still said to be interested in purchasing media outlets, however, to what extent that actually might translate into something is unknown, according to Newsbusters.

Tom Tillison


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