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Why work? Dem states’ welfare beats entry-level wages, study finds

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In an Obama recovery that’s creating more part-time jobs than full-time work, welfare benefits are higher than salaries for even full-time entry-level work, according to a new study.

And that makes it more likely more people will be government dependents longer, Fox News reported, citing the libertarian Cato Institute.

flippingburgersAccording to the study, total welfare benefits work out to more than $15 an hour for a 40-hour week in the most generous states. That’s more than twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

According to the study, the top 10 states for welfare benefit are: Hawaii, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland and California.

All have both Democratic legislatures and governors except New York and New Hampshire (where the legislatures are split but the governors are Democrats), and New Jersey (where Democrats control the legislature and the governor is Chris Christie).

If the District of Columbia – another Democratic bastion — were a state, it would rank No. 2.

The author of the study, Cato senior fellow Michael Tanner, told Fox the key to making welfare less attractive than work is reducing benefits and increasing education, so people who start at minimum wage jobs don’t stay at minimum wage jobs for very long. In other words, everybody wins.

President Obama’s idea to make welfare less attractive than the minimum wage, on the other hand, is to raise the minimum wage, so businesses have to pay more to fewer people and create fewer jobs. In short, everybody loses.

And right there is the difference between a libertarian and a liberal.


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