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Limbaugh: Chris Lane shooting ‘Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse’

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Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh went after the “drive-by media” on Wednesday in the wake of the “recreational murder” of 22-year-old college baseball player Chris Lane in Oklahoma, which he said was “Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse.”

“This was nowhere near self-defense.  I mean, this is just cold-blooded, first-degree recreational, for the fun of it, because they were bored, murder,” the industry leader said.

In pointing to “the role the mainstream media is playing in the destruction of American culture and society,” he added:

“And you have, what is it? Two black guys and a white guy in the group.  No matter where you look in the media, it’s not a racial event.  Nothing about is racist. This is the epitome of media irresponsibility.”

Limbaugh compared the Oklahoma story to the over-the-top reaction in the media to the rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask:

“There has been more outrage in the mainstream media, more attention paid in the mainstream media to that stupid clown story at the Missouri State Fair than there has been to this wanton murder in Oklahoma.”

El Rushbo said he sat on the news of the shooting for 24 hours just to see whether the mainstream media would pick up on a story where “the victim is white and two of the perpetrators are black.”

“It took them 24 hours!” he asserted. “They are reporting it and letting it go. They’re not focusing on the racial component of any of the people involved in this. We have not heard from the Reverend Sharpton, the Reverend Jackson, the NAACP, we haven’t heard from anybody.”

Tom Tillison


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