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Gun-grabbers targeting Starbucks for following the law

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Make time for another Starbucks Appreciation Day on Saturday.

The gun grabbers say they won’t be there.

starbucksgunsProtesting Starbucks’ gun-friendly policies – which to saner people just means following the law – a group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is trying to kick-start a one-day boycott of the chain this weekend, according to USA Today.

“Skip Starbucks Saturday” is aimed at getting Starbucks to prohibit customers from carrying guns in its stores “in the interest of customer safety,” a spokeswoman for the group says.

What safety are they so worried about because Starbucks’ policy is simply to for its franchises to comply with local carry laws? The USA Today story cites one incident, from May, in which a woman dropped a purse in a Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Fla. A a gun inside discharged and a bullet hit the woman’s friend in the leg.

What  USA Today doesn’t say is that, according to reports at the time, police said the woman had gotten the weapon from her father as a gift, did not have a license to carry it, and had forgotten it was in her purse at all.

So, the gun grabbers want Starbucks to change a policy allowing people who have a legal right to carry a weapon based on one incident  in one of its more than 11,000 U.S. properties and involved a woman who wasn’t licensed to carry a gun? And since she didn’t realize she had it, would have carried it into the store regardless of the policy?

They put about as much thought into the gun-control laws they champion.

Second Amendment supporters who staged a Starbucks Appreciation Day on Aug. 9 to express gratitude for the company’s policy of following the law might want to make a note: Saturday will be a good day to pick up a cup.


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