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Guess which political party has a debt problem just like US?

15 trillion cash debt
$15 trillion cash. The US debt currently approaches $17 trillion.
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With the U.S. debt imminently approaching $17 trillion, and sickeningly projected to be over $20 trillion when President Obama leaves office, guess which political party continues to add to its growing debt, too?

Of course. The Democratic National Committee had nearly $18.5 million in debt at the end of July, “an increase from the end of June,” The Hill reported Wednesday.

The Republican National Committee, on the other hand, had zero debt by the end of July and was sitting on $12.3 million “in cash on hand,” the article said.

According to The Hill:

The RNC reported raising about $5.9 million and spending $6.3 million last month, while the DNC raised $3.9 million and spent $5.4 million.

The RNC has outraised its Democratic counterpart every month this year, despite President Obama’s involvement in fundraising for the Democratic party and campaign committees.

Current debt clock, projected 2017 debt clock.


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