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Ex-Dem lawmaker: Sadly, Obama not criticized because of his skin color

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Trying to spread the message to black communities about Republican values which align more closely with theirs than the Democrats, Louisiana Sen. Elbert Guillory spoke about his recent efforts with Greta Van Susteren “On the Record” Wednesday.

“The Republican Party from its outset, from it conception, was the party of freedom and of equality,” Guillory said. “And that was true even into the 1950s. That was true in the 1960s. They’ve been our good, good friends.”

But Guillory said the Republicans sat back and let Democrats portray them as something they were not.

“We have, unfortunately, stood by and permitted them to do that,” he said. “We haven’t told the truth about our long-time history of Civil Rights warriorhood. So we’re going to tell the truth about our history and we’re going to tell the truth about our present.”

Van Susteren asked if President Obama had been an inspiration to the African-American community.

“No. Not an inspiration,” Guillory said. “I think that he has been, unfortunately, an icon. His policies have been overlooked. They are not analyzed, they are not criticized because of the color of his skin. That is unfortunate — an unfortunate fact of black America.”

Guillory noted that his newly-formed FreeAtLast.com PAC is getting a positive response to its candidate recruitment efforts.

Watch the segment here via Fox News:


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