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Aggressive gun confiscation in California out of control

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California gun confiscation

What began as an innocuous-sounding pilot program in California to get guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally infirm, is now turning into a state-wide gun-grab aimed at law-abiding citizens that peace officers are beginning to question.

We reported on the program in March. Under its Armed Prohibited Persons System, the state will confiscate firearms from legal gun owners if later convicted of a felony, found to have a mental health issue or becomes the subject of a domestic restraining order.

Although reasonable on its face, I expressed reservations at the time and even gave specific examples that could result in a person having their Second Amendment rights improperly infringed.

Since that time, the state, already awash in red ink, got its lawful gun owners to cough up an additional $24 million to expand the program with additional agents, and the results aren’t pretty.

It amounted to nothing less than “gun confiscation under the guise of safety” according to former DOJ Special Agent, Greg Cameron.

This first video, produced by the National Rifle Association, illustrates real cases in which innocent victims of the APPS program were treated like criminals.

The second NRA video is a followup to the first, and includes a more in-depth interview of a former DOA agent who was once a part of the program.

Recently, National Public Radio released a report that was complimentary of the APPS program called, “One By One, California Agents Track Down Illegally Owned Guns.” Infowars produced this final video, to counter the claims of the NPR piece, which describes the experience of one of its victims, Joe Mendez.


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