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Pistol-packing school displays awesome warning sign

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Teacher packing heat

A sign greeting visitors at a parochial school in Bryant, Ark. is likely to make any would-be mass-murderers think twice before spreading mayhem.

Staff is armed and trained,” reads the message. “Any attempt to harm our children will be met with deadly force,” according to Fox News.

That pretty much says it all.

warning sign staff armedSharon Brownlee, a reader of Fox News Radio’s popular commentary by Todd Starnes, snapped a picture of the sign outside her daughter’s Christian school and sent it to Starnes.

“We definitely need more like it and more mind sets like they have,” she said. “This is what keeps our children safe – not gun free zones.”

At Brownlee’s request, the name of her daughter’s school was withheld..

“It’s very sad to see our public schools not able to defend themselves and we still have a fifteen year old in a public school,” she added. “So I’ve seen it from both sides — and I choose the guns.”


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