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Man says landlord painted over his ‘Impeach Obama’ sign

impeach obama sign
Photo Credit: Brent Kovac via KDKA-TV

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A Pennsylvania Republican man had his big “Impeach Obama” sign painted over –  read “vandalized” – by his office’s landlord and then threated with eviction if he didn’t remove it from his storefront.

Mon Valley Republican Committee President Brent Kovac put the sign up as part of the nation-wide “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” campaign, but “within 48 hours the sign had been painted over by his landlord,” CBS affilitate KDKA-TV reported.

impeach obama sign painted over
Photo Credit: Brent Kovac via KDKA-TV

Kovac told the station he has placed many political signs in his office window over the past nine years of renting the space, but this was the first time his landlord threatened eviction after she saw he repainted the “Impeach Obama” sign.

Kovac assumed the landlord feared “retribution” from people who have vandalized his storefront before, but claimed his First Amendment right of free speech to keep the sign up.

He wasn’t wrong when he told the Pittsburgh CBS affilitate:

If I would’ve put an “I love Obama” mural up there, I would probably have every ACLU lawyer from here to San Francisco in a circle up there holding hands in front of my sign.



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