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Elderly man shoots, kills escaped inmate holding him, wife hostage

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After being held hostage in his home for four hours by an escaped prisoner, an elderly Iowa man, ironically a former prison guard, was somehow able to retrieve his loaded shotgun and fire off a round that killed the convict.

Escaped inmate Rodney Long, 38, who had already shot a police officer after his escape on Sunday from a minimum security prison, broke into the home of Jerome Mauderly, 71 and held him and wife hostage late Monday evening, CNN reported.

Long took the shotgun Mauderly had placed near his bed knowing a convict was on the loose in their small rural Bedford town, but Mauderly was eventually able to get the shotgun back and shoot Long right in the couple’s kitchen.

“(The Mauderlys) knew the situation. There was an escaped inmate, armed and dangerous. They were not the only people in the community that had loaded weapons that night,” Special Agent Mitch Mortvedt with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said.

According to the CNN report:

Long took the shotgun from the bedroom and moved it to the kitchen. He held the Mauderlys hostage at gunpoint for about four hours while he rummaged through their home for supplies and used their cell phone.

Around 2 a.m. Tuesday, while Long was upstairs looking for supplies, Jerome Mauderly sneaked into the kitchen and recovered his shotgun, Mortvedt said. Carolyn Mauderly called 911 from their bedroom. When Long walked down the stairs, Jerome Mauderly shot him in the torso. Long was found lying face down in the kitchen, Mortvedt said.

Needless to say, residents are breathing easier and relieved to hear the Mauderlys are safe.

Watch the CNN report on today’s feel-good news story:


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