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Chris Matthews: Shame on Republicans for calling Obama, ‘Obama’

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews appears to be feeling the thrill up his leg again in his on and off infatuation with President Obama. And get this, according to the diehard leftist, if you refer to Obama as “Obama,” then you are trying to “delegitimize this president.”

That’s a pretty tough standard.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Hardball,” Matthews focused on a variety of efforts by Republicans and conservatives to “delegitimize” Obama. As might be expected, racial overtones were barely masked as he implied it’s because Obama is “not really supposed to be there.”

But they first of all referred to him, not as the ‘President of the United States’ but as a ‘liberal leader.’ They refer to the health care act of 2010 as ‘a bill.’ They refer to him as ‘Obama.’ They don’t say the ‘the president.’ They don’t say the ‘a law.’ They don’t even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate.

“It seems there’s a very interesting compelling continuing effort to delegitimize this president,” Matthews said. “People on the right say he’s a disaster, which he’s not. Look at what he’s already accomplished.”

Of course, a simple look at economics is enough to justify a “disaster” rating, considering Obama ran a $1 Trillion-plus deficit all four years of his first term, yet growth is still stagnant and unemployment remains high.

Matthews, who just lost one of his two weekday time slots to fellow moonbat Ed Schultz, said this is part of a concerted effort to create the conditions whereby history would regard Obama as an illegitimate president, Mediaite reported.

“And I’m not paranoid,” he reassured listeners.

Tom Tillison


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