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Beck calls on viewers to help him compete with ‘voice of the enemy’ network

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A disgusted Glenn Beck – so disgusted he said he almost quit his job on TheBlaze TV Monday morning – railed against the cable news companies who won’t put his show on the air, but now carry Al Jazeera America, “quite honestly the voice of the enemy,” he said.

Sickened that some 48 million homes now receive Al Jazeera America, Beck specifically called out Comcast, Time-Warner and DirecTV for refusing to carry TheBlaze, “an American owned, American operated network that only serves America.”

“[Al Jazeera America] is taking money from your cable bill and they are sending it overseas to Al Jazeera so Al Jazeera can pump propaganda into America,” Beck said. “They not only have all the Saudi oil money, they have your cable bill! YOU are funding Al Jazeera.”

Beck asked viewers to call their cable providers and demand TheBlaze TV, but not for self-serving reasons like many liberal media outlets reported he did.

Rather, Beck declared to his conservative viewers:

Help us help you. Please. Help us help you. Our voice has got to grow because Al Jazeera – quite honestly the voice of the enemy. It matters who owns a network.

There are companies like Comcast that’s playing golf with the president last weekend, you think we’re gonna get Comcast? The head of Comcast is playing golf. The next guy in charge of Comcast, he was a bundler for the president. You think we’re gonna get Comcast? Not without you.

Watch the passionate discussion and Beck’s plea on TheBlaze TV here via Mediaite:


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