Allen West on white jogger shooting: So who will Obama identify with this time?


When news of the three teens who went out for a thrill-killing and shot and killed an Australian jogger in the back reached former Florida GOP Congressman Allen West, he took to the social media and called out, among others, President Barack Obama.

Melbourne, Australia native Christopher Lane, 22, attended Oklahoma’s East Central University on a baseball scholarship when he was senselessly murdered “just for fun.”

While Australia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer blames the U.S. for the killing and has called for a boycott, West notes the sound of crickets emanating from the White House — especially after the president was so vocal after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Double standard.

West, never at a loss for words, posted the following on his Facebook page Tuesday night:

“’We were bored and decided to kill somebody.’ Well, shall we hear anything from the race industry crew, Hollywood elites, or maybe Oprah Winfrey? The issue is not about proliferation of guns in America. This is about a failing black community and the fact that its young men are desensitized to violence because a gangsta culture promotes it. So who will President Obama identify with in this case?”

Then he followed up with a tweet:


Good question — who will the president identify with this time? Or, stated differently, we could ask the three thrill-seekers, “Who’s your daddy now?”

NOTE: At the time West made his Facebook and Twitter entries, it was widely reported that all three of the alleged perpetrators are black. The media has since corrected this to indicate two are black and one is white.

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57 thoughts on “Allen West on white jogger shooting: So who will Obama identify with this time?

  1. Ted Strickland says:

    Allen West needs to get a real job. He is starting to sound a little “Uncle Tomish”. He seems to only wait for events to happen, ala Faux News and Palin, Rush, Sean, instead of offering solutions. Sort of like when he was in Congress.

  2. Doug says:

    Allen should run for President with Judge Jeanine, and James Woods. That would be a blockbuster group.

  3. Dane Clark says:

    Its like I said selective journalizum. What if the four people in Lybia were black what side do you think Obama and the media would be on. Good work Mr West and thank you for having the guts to say something.
    Its like they have more to say about a clown.What is most important of all; at least it should be that way; people are getting murdered and Obama and the media gets their pantes in a wad over and clown. A clown gets more air time then these important issues. Its is calous because it does not fit the story or a narritive and these media pukes follow it to a tee. No questions asked lock stock and barrel. They would rather ruin someone and their reputation over lies that report the truth.
    Its time to boycott the media and shut them off and shut them down.

  4. Rex says:

    First it was 3 alleged drug dealing 15 year old black boys beating up on a 13 year white boy in Florida on a school bus driven by a black man. They got probation.
    Now 3 black teenage boys kill a 22 year old white jogger for the fun of it. They will get probation too.
    When will this stop? >>>>>> NEVER!
    Because no one has the balls to do anything legally about it.
    Politics over all. ” I can not afford to say anything in an election year.” Attitude is killing America and AMERICANS and now our friends from other countries.

  5. Ronny Mullis says:

    He will blame it on the white kid. It was all his idea and those poor innocent black boys are not guilty of anything.

  6. Mike Hill says:

    A president who meddles in local affairs and opens his big mouth to identify with Travon Martin, so what’s he going to do now, identify with the killers…and now he has a street gang named after him the “ObamaBoyz”, one of which was just arrested for a multiple shooting…so Odumbo, if you had a son, would he look like the thug that shot innocent people…you are not my president, you are not the president, you have trampled on the prestige, class and honor of the office…you are a low life hypocrite stand-in, elected by the same kind of low life hypocrites who have no values or morals like yourself…where are your unsolicited comments now…crickets!!!!

  7. Wud says:

    Two are black and one is the same racial makeup as Barack Obama.who everyone says is black. They are all three a waste of skin no matter what color it is.

  8. fritzeflink says:

    I still cant help it, that “white” murderer kinda doesn’t look kosher to me. Just saying.

  9. jo says:

    Let me try to understand this. This is not like his Son. This is not a hate crime. Now I know something is wrong in this Country.

  10. Jacobb Chapman says:

    obama won’t do anything. Neither will Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or the NAACP. They only care about white on black crime, even though black on white crime has nearly doubled since Obama took office.

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