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‘Waiting to Exhale’ author ‘threatens’ Sarah Palin

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Terry McMillan, author of “‘Waiting to Exhale,” turned to Twitter on Monday to threaten former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin should their paths ever cross.

McMillan offered no context as to what precipitated the random threat and there was no mention of Palin on her Twitter feed prior to the tweet.

While such an occurrence is not likely to happen, McMillan may want to be careful about biting off more than she can chew. Palin is an avid outdoors enthusiast who’s as tough as they come, proving time and again she’s not afraid to get dirt under her fingernails.

With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently feigning outrage over a “Slap Hillary” web site, tweeting “Like all violence against women, it’s sick,” it remains to be seen how quickly she condemns McMillan’s actions.

McMillan has compared the GOP to Hitler and called Mitt Romney a sociopath, according to Breitbart News. And this is not the first time she has threatened to slap someone, as she made a similar comment about then-candidate Romney back in October.

What are the chances the Secret Service paid Obama superfan McMillan a visit after that tweet?

So what’s this really all about? McMillan has a new novel out and what drives book sales better than a little controversy. Particularly if you target the woman the left loves to hate. Nonetheless, it’s apparent that McMillan is in need of a good anger management class.

Tom Tillison


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