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Shocking new PSA features reenactment of Trayvon shooting, corpses in hoodies

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A public service announcement featuring a chilling, albeit selectively edited, reenactment of the night Trayvon Martin was killed was released on Monday by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence targeting “stand your ground” laws.

In the 90 second ad, the viewer follows George Zimmerman to the backdrop of real audio of 911 calls made that night, including the call in which Zimmerman is told to stop following Trayvon Martin, along with the call made by a neighbor about the screaming outside that ends in a gunshot.

As the video comes to a close, instead of one body on the ground, the camera pans over dozens of corpses in hoodies, to represent the 26 states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws on the books, as reported by Mediaite.

The message across the screen echoes remarks made by Attorney General Eric Holder: “Our laws should protect victims. Not create more.” Viewers are then encouraged to “Stand up to Stand Your Ground laws.”

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, founded in 1974, said in a statement released Monday: “We hope our “Stand Your Ground” PSA will mobilize new activism on the issue and bring us to a point where our laws are acting to protect victims, as opposed to creating new ones.”

Ironically, “stand your ground” laws are designed to protect a citizen’s inherent right to defend themselves from becoming a victim.

Tom Tillison


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